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Meet the Grizzly (Thomas)

Occupation: Adventure Provider

Nature lover since my youngest age, I often find peacefulness there. Through my company, I suggest you accompany me there according to your desires...on foot, by bike or other...but always to return by packraft.


Trained BEPS (2021) and Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician Fundamentals (2021), my priority is your safety. I accompany you from all the way and provide you throughout the activity with advice and instructions to fully enjoy your packraft tour as peacefully as possible.


But what is a packraft?


Your new adventure companion: The packraft

The ideal companion

Compact, light,'s the best friend for nature and micro adventure lovers.
Thanks to my fleet, I can allow you to come with family, friends, colleagues...
The packraft is safe, stable and comfortable, and there are several models depending on the adventure...classic, closed, short, flexible as you wish!

Practical infos

What to expect ?

As far as equipment is concerned, I provide everything related to packrafting and navigation, namely:

- the packraft, its seat and its inflation system (+ skirt and deck on chosen models)

- the paddles

- the personnal flotation device

- the 55L backpack for hiking or riding (with space for your personal belongings)

- the straps if necessary

What you need to prepare:

- clothing adapted to the weather and adaptated to close to water activities (water-repellent, waterproof, quick-drying, etc.)

- water to drink during the activity

- spare clothes in case of splash or fall in water. These can stay in the car if the temperatures are mild but should be taken with it in cold weather.

- a freezer bag for the things you want to keep dry on you. 

- your thirst for adventure and discovery!

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